Building a greener world

“LEED® is a global approach that strives for ecological sustainability, but it is also an economic and social way of thinking. The LEED® process centres on the quality of the air and water employees have access to, the ergonomics of the space, the durability of the building and sourcing of local materials.”

Caroline Bibeau-Poirier, Eng.,
Project Manager
and LEED® certified employee
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Building a greener world

QMD can always count on its team of versatile and experienced professionals to deliver innovative solutions while caring about the ecological impact of the company’s activities. All QMD employees, whether they work in the office or in the field, strive to minimize their environmental footprint. On an administrative level, electronic information is prioritized and the company aims to eventually become paperless office.

On our construction sites, the focus is on selective waste management and energy savings (lighting and ventilation, for example). The human resources department promotes public transit and internal policies encourage the use of active transportation.

Extensive experience in LEED® projects

The QMD team have become experts in LEED® projects. Every QMD employee, from field teams to management, is trained in the specificities of LEED® projects and several Project Managers are LEED® accredited so they are always up-to-date on the industry’s latest technologies and best practices.

Some ecological constructions realized