Quality is the foundation of everything that we build

"Attention to detail is one of the fundamental approaches to QMD's quality management system. Our onsite monitoring and control program allows stakeholders and partners to collaborate and better control execution risks and, as a result, achieve optimal results with every project.”

Réjean Sabourin
Quality Manager
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Quality is the foundation of everything that we build

Ever since QMD’s early days, all our employees and the specialized contractors with whom we work share our desire for excellence and continuous improvement. We take a collaborative approach to ensure that our clients and partners are fully satisfied with our service. We work closely with our clients, are always flexible in our approach and transparent so that QMD is a trusted partner for even the most ambitious projects. At QMD, we are masters when it comes to building quality, no matter the project.

Always proactive

QMD advocates proactivity by taking measures to correct issues at the source in real time, so that work can progress as planned. Project Managers are in constant communication with partners and teams in the field so that all essential information is shared. Our clients know that we deliver exceptional quality and are meticulous from the time plans are drafted to the final delivery.

Proudly ISO certified

Ever since the company was founded in 2006, our quality system meets the international ISO 9001 standard to ensure projects are carried out as per the contract requirements, that any non-compliance is spotted, and that each stage is tracked. Therefore, QMD’s management style is always conscientious. The company’s proven management method ensures that what was requested by the client is always delivered within the established deadline.