Giving back to build a more just world

“QMD’s long-standing support for Centraide has raised awareness in our industry of social inequalities.”

Luc Quenneville
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Giving back to build a more just world

Social engagement is part of QMD’s identity. Ever since 2008, we have supported Centraide by organizing fundraising events that mobilize the real estate and construction industries. QMD’s management team and employees get involved and many staff members volunteer at the fundraising events.

Centraide and QMD: a relationship built on trust

Centraide was one of QMD’s first clients. We strongly believe in loyalty so we still support their cause. QMD proposed the revitalization of Centraide’s construction and real estate division in 2011. QMD President Luc Quenneville headed this division for two years (2011 and 2012). Approximately $300,000 was raised during the first year and over $1.1 million was raised in 2016. This partnership between QMD and Centraide is still going strong.

About Centraide

Centraide’s mission is to fight poverty and social exclusion by acting on the factors that are most likely to bring about lasting and significant change in people’s lives. Centraide also supports a vast network of agencies that work in four areas of action:

  • supporting youth success
  • giving access to the essentials
  • breaking social isolation
  • build caring communities

In Greater Montreal, one person in seven receives support from an agency in Centraide’s network.

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