Project Delivery Methods
Construction Management

“The entrepreneur, client and construction management team all sit on the same side of the table during meetings. This project delivery method fosters absolute transparency, strict financial control and fast project execution. It is particularly useful at the start of projects with very tight deadlines.”

Jean Ouellet
Regional Director Quebec
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Construction Management

We regularly manage construction projects which involve site supervision and advising on the client’s particular needs. We are always onsite during the pre-construction stage, while works are being carried out, and until the building is fully commissioned. We coordinate the work of several stakeholders: design teams, architects, engineers, specialized entrepreneurs, etc.

QMD’s role in construction management allows us to be proactive when it comes to formulating recommendations, ensures that tasks can be completed quickly, and helps the client to make the best choices when it comes to juggling quality and cost.

This project delivery method may include a Guaranteed Maximum Pricing (GMP) option, which reduces risk for the client.

QMD was contracted by several large companies to oversee the construction element of their hotel, office, industrial and commercial construction projects.