QMD Overview

QMD currently employs over 100 construction and management specialists.

Our dynamic team stands out for its technical expertise, experience, versatility and commitment at every level of project development.

Loyal Employees
Career Opportunities
Construire ACQ Award, Metropolitain Region, Association de la construction du Québec
ACQ Award


Creators of opportunity
Every project begins with an estimate. Knowing how to set the right budget to meet all the client’s expectations, bringing together our best partners and offering the best value for money while meeting tight deadlines is an art that our estimators have perfected. Their expertise covers every facet of a project. Their knowledge of specialized contractors and estimating techniques makes our estimators experts in the science of evaluation.
Our Positions
  • Pre-Construction Director
  • Pre-Development
  • Estimator
We are the first point of contact; our work is the cornerstone of every project. We take great pride in seeing what we had planned on paper months before coming to fruition!
Benoit Lacelle
Benoit Lacelle

Construction and Operations

Committed Innovators
The construction and operations team is at the heart of QMD’s expertise. The team uses its skills and expertise in project coordination, supervision and monitoring to ensure that projects stay on track, and to support customers throughout the process. Our highly qualified experts and seasoned project managers are our allies, consistently delivering results that exceed client expectations.
Our Positions
  • Project Director
  • Project Manager
  • Project Assistant
  • Superintendent
  • Foreman
  • Carpenter
As Assistant Project Coordinator, I am a point of contact for all project stakeholders. My role is very stimulating and requires someone who is multi-skilled, meticulous, highly organized and competent, and can support various stakeholders on different projects.
Jessica Bourque
Jessica Bourque
Project Assistant Coordinator


Partners in excellence
The finance team handles the company's accounting and financial management, project financial analysis, cost tracking and financing plans to support the operational teams.

Our Positions
  • Financial Director
  • Corporate Controller
  • Accountant
  • Accounting Technician
It's exciting to work in the Accounting Department, which is our organization's financial compass, guiding it through the complex ground of financial responsibility. We help provide valuable information for informed decision-making.
Jean-Philippe Catenoix
Financial Director

Administration and Support

Agility promoters
This team provides operational support and is essential to the company's smooth running. The team's role is much more than administrative: it also includes human resources management, drafting calls for tender, health, safety and prevention activities, and managing the legal aspects of projects.

Our Positions
  • Administrative Assistant
  • Executive Assistant
  • Office Clerk
  • Coms & Administration Coordinator
  • Coms & Documents Management Coordinator
  • HR Director
QMD is a company where everyone finds their place. Our strengths and expertise are always highlighted so that we feel at our best in performing our duties.
Nancy Chabot
Nancy Chabot
Administration and communications coordinator


Passionate ambassadors
The development team handles all QMD construction projects on behalf of Dév Méta. Selecting possible sites, conducting feasibility studies and analyses, and setting up the best partnerships are all essential steps in building projects that live up to the company's ambitions.
Our Positions
  • Business Development Director
  • Development Project Manager
  • Urban Planning Consultant
  • Financial Analyst
As a real estate enthusiast, I greatly enjoy collaborating with QMD because of its sense of quality and love of well-executed projects.
Michel Guilbault
Dév Méta Vice-President