by QMD
12th January 2024

Chronicle of a successful alliance

The collaboration between QMD and Centraide goes back to 2007 when QMD was chosen as the designated contractor for expanding Centraide of Greater Montreal's head office on Sherbrooke Street. This close association started successfully when Centraide President Ms. DeGuire, Executive Director at the time, approached QMD President Luc Quenneville for help.

She asked him to contribute to the current fundraising campaign, intending to increase the share of donations from the Real Estate - Construction division, which at the time represented some $400,000 annually. Proud of the results of this first fruitful collaboration, the QMD team has since continued to support Centraide actively. This solid alliance between QMD and Centraide continues, symbolizing a mutual commitment to meaningful community causes.

While the construction sector is renowned for its competitiveness, it's inspiring to see our industry's leaders pulling together for a cause that financially supports over 375 community organizations in the Greater Montreal area. These organizations play a crucial role in providing essential services to our community. The accumulated contributions represent a financial pillar without which many organizations could not maintain their mission over the long term, depriving many families in need of essential services. These funds are vital in improving living conditions, promoting youth success, building strong communities, and fostering community health, among other crucial initiatives.

Our President, Luc Quenneville, has presided over the division for several years alongside industry leaders such as Magil Construction, Pomerleau, Bousada, and Broccolini and project owners such as Ivanhoe Cambridge. Their participation has been essential in energizing the division's fund-raising efforts, bringing contributions to a threshold proudly exceeding one million dollars.

This commitment and professional synergy have consolidated our division's position in the industry and significantly impacted the total donations raised. Thanks to this dedicated team and the fruitful relationships established with renowned partners, we have substantially contributed to the causes and community initiatives close to our hearts. Our President and his peers' shared vision and exemplary collaboration have transcended the boundaries of competition to create a positive and lasting impact in our community.

The essential role of Centraide ambassadors is to raise funds from our partners, suppliers and employees within our professional network. These contributions can come from various sources, such as internal campaigns, payroll deductions, events, etc. Our ambassadors are also mobilized to visit beneficiary organizations and companies, raising awareness among managers and employees of the noble cause supported by Centraide.

Thanks to the dedicated commitment of our ambassadors, considerable sums, totalling hundreds of thousands of dollars, have been raised. Their volunteerism, expressed through the donation of precious time, helps to minimize Centraide's administrative costs, ensuring that the maximum proportion of donations collected goes directly to the beneficiary agencies. This volunteer involvement is a fundamental pillar in realizing our mission, contributing significantly to the effectiveness and positive impact of Centraide's action in the community.

Every year, QMD organizes fundraising events supporting this worthy cause. These include happy hours, silent auctions and even live performances! Since 2022, our in-house band, The Builder Band, made up of five talented employees, has been delivering outstanding musical performances, revisiting rock hits from the 80s, 90s and 2000s with brio.

At the last show, enthusiasm and generosity were the order of the day, raising over $45,000 for Centraide. This amount was raised through ticket sales and generous donations from QMD partners, employees, families and friends. This success testifies to our community's unwavering commitment to the cause while reinforcing the positive impact we can generate together.

Our Vice-President Strategy and Communications, Roxane Tremblay, has been appointed Co-President alongside Alexandra Murduck of Magil Construction for the Real Estate-Construction division's annual campaign. Their joint appointment makes them the first women to assume this position in a traditionally male-dominated sector. The early days of their co-presidency augur well for an exceptionally successful campaign this year!