by QMD
16th August 2023

Expansion and redevelopment of Saint-Michel-Archange elementary school

The new building, annexed to the existing one, will have three levels and extend out towards the rear courtyard.

The facility's surface area will increase from 2,980 to 6,600 m2, and the new configuration will allow for the creation of an inner courtyard.

At the completion of this construction and redevelopment project, the CSDGS school will benefit from more common areas and will also be heated and air-conditioned by a geothermal system.

The expansion project in brief:

  • Three full-time 4-year-old preschool classes

  • Three 5-year-old preschool classes

  • 18 primary classes

  • Two classes for students with special needs or learning difficulties

  • A music room

  • A library

  • Double gymnasium