LEED Construction
the environmental impacts
energy savings
the well-being of the building users

Our LEED expertise

In order to respond to the needs of several of our clients, we have developed expertise in LEED (Leadership in Ecology and Environmental Design) constructions.

LEED is a global approach that strives for ecological, economic and social sustainability in the development, management and maintenance of buildings. Several aspects of the construction process are analyzed in order to limit the environmental impacts, allow energy savings and ensure the well-being of the building users: sourcing of materials and the promotion of local production, the building’s ergonomics, durability of the building, and air and water quality. The LEED approach can also be used in the construction of new buildings and in renovation and restoration projects.

An international mark of excellence

Several of our project managers are LEED certified, which ensures that we are always up-to-date on the latest construction techniques in this rapidly-changing field. Thanks to the expertise of our LEED certified employees and the involvement of our partners, we delivered several large-scale projects using this process: the renovation of the École des métiers de la restauration et du tourisme de Montréal, the construction of Servier Canada's head office main building in Laval, and the renovation of a Bell Centre building. All of these projects underwent independent inspections and were awarded LEED certification, an international mark of excellence in over 132 countries worldwide.

Every QMD employee, from field teams to management, is trained in the specificities of LEED projects and several Project Managers are LEED certified.

Some ecological constructions realized