Our values
Our values

“We are much more than a construction firm. We are a one-stop-shop.”

Luc Quenneville
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Our values

Quality, team spirit and respect are our guiding principles. These values are our strength and they are strengthened by our partners and our employees. Like the roots of a tree firmly planted in the ground, they nourish us and provide stability.


Our highly qualified professionals put their experience and know-how to work for you. We always aim for excellence and value quality over quantity. We raise the standards to offer tailor-made expertise that will exceed your expectations. We support our clients from the very beginning of the project to the end and we also track our long-term achievements.

At QMD, we are proud of the challenges we have faced over the years and we celebrate the accomplishments of our employees as a team. By working together, we ensure that our reputation remains untarnished, as demonstrated by our Integrity Program. We constantly innovate so that we can deliver the highest possible level of client satisfaction. Our integrated BIM approach allows us to work more efficiently as a team.


We at QMD believe that one of the most important elements of site management is effective communication and maintaining a healthy relationship with every stakeholder. This is why we provide our employees with a working environment that is both serene and stimulating, where information can flow and everyone feels appreciated.

Each employee at QMD works hard to provide personalized service. Our employees are recognized and encouraged by the approachable management team who know the construction trade by heart and built up years of experience before founding their company. This teamwork is evident in our business relationships and in our dealings with partners.


Respect and harmony are evident both within the company and in our relationships with clients and partners. We are very committed to those who trust us. During every stage of a given project, we value respect, which is evident in the value we place on confidentiality, quality and integrity while respecting deadlines and budgets.